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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Opening Knots to Remove Fish

One of the training strategies I recommend is to teach how to open or undo manipulations before teaching how to put together. I also recommend trying to create activities that are meaningful while working on fine motor skills. I had created a board with cord attached to work on untying knots. But the brilliant staff person (Eduardo!!!) who makes lots of clever activities for his program room created this large fishing net activity. The plastic fish are tied onto the net so that the individual unties the knots and then removes the fish. It seems to hold the individual's attention quite well- its just challenging enough to keep his interest but not too difficult as to be frustrating. ...

He made the  fish out of large black and white containers that hold protein powder. 

I frequently see abandoned fishing nets when I walk on the beach. Now I will consider recycling them if they are in good condition....

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