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Friday, April 15, 2016

Client Shaking sensory stimulation objects on Ipad holder attached to Tray

I was given a gooseneck Ipad holder that attaches to a tray with a C-clamp. I wanted to use it to help a client be able to shake objects that she has difficulty controlling when they are lower on her tray. I covered all of the parts that hold the Ipad with fabric, duct tape, tubing  so that there were no sharp edges. then I added yam and other pretty dangly things. but best of all was attaching the Brainy Baby Toy that her sister had purchased for her. It has a spring inside that vibrates when pulled and no batteries which is great... I know that this lady loves vibration and to pull objects and this was much easier to do when the pulling was from up above rather than across her tray. Also she has difficulty grasping for longer periods of time so I attached the   strap to keep her hand inside. She is able to pull her hand out at any point and she did after about 10 minutes. So I alternated between using her right and left hand with the strap and time to touch without using the strap.  You can see in the video how excited she is the be able to pull for more than her usual few seconds....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Roller Ring Stack

This is an easy way to make a sensory-based fine motor activity. Many of my clients love the sensation of rubbing their hands over the roller as well as the deep pressure sensory input when I roll it over thei9r hands. I attached a roller from the dollar store inside a plastic tube and wedged the tube inside a detergent bottle. I  made the rectangular pieces a bit small so that they have to motor plan to tilt each one before inserting over the roller. the young man in the video enjoys giving it some rolls while  performing repetitions.

Source: Paint Roller Ring Stack for Children with Autism by RecyclingOT on Rumble