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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The "LIKE" Box

Here is an activity designed to develop motor planning skills since the person needs to move the shapes first horizontally and then vertically to make them go down. Some of my clients were able to color match.

One young  lady named this activity the "Like box" because she liked it. She has cerebral palsy and uses her left hand to stabilize materials. This activity also benefited another client who avoids using his hands together- he did this well to stabilize the plastic strip while inserting the shape. I think that some of my blind clients will like this, too. Some will add the shapes-other will remove them to insert into a container.

I cut the strips from large bottles so that there is an L shape on one end and a flat base on the other. After I cut a notch into the top of the box, I inserted the tip of the L shapes and the larger base of the strip  presses against the bottom of the box. I taped the bottoms in place from inside the box. After all the color strips are attached I crammed pieces of cardboard so that all is snug inside and also this added weight to the box to prevent sliding on the table. Then I covered all sides with the black contact paper.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Placing Swirly Bottles into Box Sections

 I knew that the little plastic pieces that are punched out during production of my Weavable Toys would come in handy. I asked my friend the designer/manufacturer to save them. You can see the process in the first photo. then I inserted some inside a water bottle filled about halfway with tap water (after I drank the spring water up). I secured the cap in place with duct tape. My clients have been enjoying shake, swirl and then placing them inside the box sections. These boxes are readily available at liquor stores, so  if they are destroyed they can be easily replaced.  


Sunday, October 13, 2013

World OT Day !!

 World OT Day!

I am offering these blog posts to be used on the Blog Carnival in celebration of : World OT Day.

This year is going to be the third annual World OT Day Blog Carnival! World OT Day is celebrated on October 27th every year, which is coming up fast!

They are:

These posts relate to how occupational therapists love using movement and weighted adaptations to promote body awareness and skill .

Thanks to Linda at

Monday, October 7, 2013

Card Holder

I evaluated a woman today who has hemiplegia and no use of her left hand. She said that she wanted to be able to play cards without everyone seeing them.

I told her that I would try to adapt something out of an egg carton, but realize that I do not have an empty one.

Instead, I cut  3 sides of a small cardboard box and taped to create the triangular shape. I cut another piece of cardboard that had a folded side attached to it. then I taped it all in place so that the cards rest on the rim created by the side of a box. 

I love how boxes are so readily available and I can choose the size that enables me to create the type of angles I want. This one ended up being pretty stable. I think that she will like it !

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ring Stacks

Its fun to explore different types of ring stacks to use with older children and adults with developmental disabilities. I recently evaluated a young man who uses a lateral grip and it was easier for him to grasp flat donut shapes than 3 dimensional rings.

I wedged the motor to the Sguiggly Wiggly motorized pen inside the noodle  and the sound and vibration helped him to focus on the task and make it more interesting.

The photos show a tall pole ring stack made out of PCV pipe. It is sunk into a coffee can (now old and rusted) to stabilize. I was able to push a swimming noodle over the pipe to add a nicer texture and color. I then taped the additional blue noodle to the top because I wanted it to be higher- to use with the client while standing and then was able to push the motor inside the noodle opening.

You can also use fabric rings as shown in the picture but my client preferred the flat plastic ones. I have made many rings by filling socks with plastic bags and stitching closed. I added that colorful duct tape to a few spots where the noodle ripped.

If you are working with an individual who needs to sit while working, try pushing a dowel or noodle inside a bottle so that the person can grasp the handle with one hand to stabilize while placing rings.

I did a little experimentation with this one- I wedged a small plastic bottle to the top of the plastic tube. This small bottle (sold holding saline water) is filled with water and colorful plastic pieces. I can shake it to get the person's attention.    The person I used it with today LOVED it.

You can purchase a long clear plastic tube to cut up and use in making ring stacks. They are sold in hardware stores to hold long florescent light bulbs. I fill these with colorful objects.

Lastly, I share a photo of a ring stack made by wedging part of a pool noodle into a box. This is a very fast and easy activity to make and you can use cardboard or plastic tubes if you have them available instead of the noodle.

The individuals may then decorate the box with paint, gluing  tissue paper, stickers or contact paper. then when the box gets lost or breaks, its very easy and inexpensive to make a new one.......