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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teaching to Close Small Buttons

I have been teaching several children and adults to close large buttons using large button squares. These are simply 2 pieces of fabric -one with a button sewn on it and the other with a slit to button onto it.

Some of my clients are ready to work on  closing smaller buttons before tackling the ones on their clothes. So I  took some of my old blouses that are bit too tight on me and decided to donate them. I wrapped them over a couple of layers of cardboard to make them more firm while the individuals closes first the buttons to the blue blouse and then the buttons on the red one. I think it is easier to learn this skill when the buttons are in front of you rather than on your own clothing where you can't look directly at them.

Source: Fun Activities that Develop Buttoning Skills by RecyclingOT on Rumble


Labels are tools they do not define me said...

Love this!
I actually got lots of students engaged in beginning buttoning by making your buttons snakes with 1 inch buttons. I used rainbow ribbon and many call them rainbow buttons instead - well whatever works!
In order to grade up to smaller buttons, I found a ladies pajama top at a thrift store with 3/4 inch buttons, cut off the sleeves to make wide arm holes, so it fits a variety of sizes, and am introducing attempting to button while wearing this garment, but having them look down since they are wearing it has been a problem. I like your idea of continuing to try things while not wearing them.
Thanks for all you do - many of your ideas have been really effective ways to engage my students in my Autism classes.

barbara said...

Thank you for your ideas and complements :-)