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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Velcro Activities with deaf and blind client

I've been making "Velcro Bottles" for many years out of detergent  and dishwasher soap bottles..

 I bought this sports bottle years ago to use with children since the handle would fit nicely into small hands.

I used it today with a client who is blind and deaf. The staff have been giving him a box with blocks attached with Velcro to the sides.

In the video you can see him removing the wooden blocks  followed by removing the shapes from the bottle. I think that the bottle made the task easier to understand since he could feel where the handle was, more easily orienting to its parts and more easily find the smaller opening on top for insertion. I think that it was also helpful that the objects were easier to grip and pull.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Infinity Walk Experiences

The first video shows Sensory Alex incorporating the  "The Infinity Walk"   moving in figure 8 pattern...... into therapy. Even though I don't think looking down at his feet to stay on the inner tubes is how it is meant to be used....  its still a fun, heavy duty sensory  proprioceptive and motor planning task.... while working on strength, balance and motor planning. Another great idea !!

The second video is just me goofing around in my living room...... Definitely, not how infinity walk is meant to be used.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Oral Motor Sensory Modulation

Here is what Mr. Alex does with Ttheratube and Gak. Great for sensory modulation ....

Weighted lap bag Manipulation Activity

I know that my activities are motivating and beneficial when a client who struggles with motor planning and control seeks them out. this young man particularly likes the activities that vibrate. I am starting to add a new twist by attaching the activities to a weighted lap bag. In this photo you see a big bag of sand sewn inside a shopping bag with handles so that it is easier to carry around.  I think that some of my clients find the weight calming. The long white cord is cut from a plastic bottle and part of it is inside the bag. I cut a small hole in the bag for the cord to pop out of and sewed tightly around that hole. The electric toothbrush is duct taped to the end of the cord.
Many of my clients have behavioral problems- agitation, assaultive etc. but by giving them the sensory stimulation they need, a just right challenge, success and fun, the behavior problems are minimized. This young man has hemiplegia so he is doing a good job working on bilateral coordination, too.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Insertion Tasks- Making them more Challenging!

 Now that this young man has learned to stabilize the bottle while inserting flat shapes, its time to up the challenge. I cut the white folded pieces from 2 sides of a square container. They easily fold on the crease but he needs to learn to keep them folded and to insert the open end into the slot.

There is a secret opening on the bottom of the bottle to remove the shapes since they are larger than the opening on top.....

Monday, March 2, 2015

Gel Pad and Sensory Stimulation

My company recently received gel pads that I placed on a light table. The young man in the photos has Down Syndrome and in general does not like to touch anything or use his hands. He pushes objects off his table and spends a lot of time with his hands in his mouth. So it was really incredible that when I brought out the gel pad he pressed it with one or both hands and brought his face close to get a good look.

There were 2 pads, one on top of another and he removed the orange one to get a better look at the yellow one. I think that he enjoyed the sensory input of pressing down into it and obviously it was very visually pleasing to him....