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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Activities for Individuals with Grasping Challenges

 Children and adults with grasping challenges can engage in meaningful activities, especially sensory stimulation activities. Examples are:
  •  placing their hands on top of textures to press or rub
  • Providing a basin or tray filled with sensory materials such as water, dried beans, marbles or whip cream or 
  •  activating a switch with a tap, press or roll

Of course, what the individual enjoys and can do depends on the person's cognitive level and interests. Switches such as the one shown here are popular, especially if the student loves, music or vibration.  Other people may be more interested in accessing a computer or Ipad. 

The young man shown in the picture enjoys pressing the switch attached to his chest. It activates a voice that says "good morning everybody".  

Its easier for people with limited grasping skills to have all of their objects easily accessible and enclosed. I tied bags of sand, socks and other fun to feel objects, along with a motorized toothbrush inside a cat bed so that my client can move them around without the contents falling out. The cat bed is plush and fun to feel and some clients like the added heavy pressure by  sewing a bag of sand to the bottom.

Other fun materials to press the hand on top of include: 

  •  a bag filled with gel, shaving cream or other gooey objects to press down on. 
  •  a latex glove filled with water
  • a whoopee cushion. The one shown in the photo is on top of a vibrating cushion.

Materials to swat may be suspended from the ceiling or a tall pole that can be moved around the room. I have used IV poles before..... 

Another option is to attach a swimming noodle over a spanking new toilet plunger handle and then tie some dangly objects to swat  or entwine the fingers inside of. The suction of the plunger will stick to many surfaces, but I suggest that you buy a decent plunger, not one from the dollar store. 

Now, lets take a look at the bowling video that requires nothing more than a push to make the ball roll down the "ramp". Bowling pins are optional..... 

Source: Bowling for Children Who are Unable to Grasp by
Source: Busy Bottles for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities by RecyclingOT

The cat toy consisting of a spring on a stand can be used for swatting.

Source: Spring Toy Ring Stacks for Sensory Stimulation by RecyclingOT

These bottles are fun to pull, slide, jiggle and push.....

Source: Busy Bottles for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities by RecyclingOT