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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

High Chair Tray Recycling

I came across a high chair with my favorite sign on top 'FREE" and  took the removable tray  and the top that inserted into it.  It snapped right off...

I liked how a plate could fit inside the insert and a cup into the hole. I had no idea who I would give this to but thought about how so many of the adults I work with don't keep the plate and cup directly in front of them or knock things over. Later I decided to give this to a man who is blind and deaf and developmentally delays. I think that the boundaries of the tray help him to understand the spatial relationships between him, plate, cup and spoon.  

I also like the tray that was holding the insert in place and made a matching picture activity.  I have certain clients attach laminated photos to the square pieces of Velcro attached along the edge and the red circles inside the black sticky backed foam I found. The red circles also attach with Velcro. I really like the raised borders that contain the activity so small pieces tend not to fall onto the table.....

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