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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Macrame Hanger Craft

One of the first crafts I learned in graduate school was to macramé around a hanger. This can be given as a gift with lots of color options. Clothing will stay on the cord better than on a slippery wire hanger. The plastic hangers are a bit too thick to use. I found this wire hanger but unfortunately the bottom is made with cardboard instead of wire, so we are doing the best we can and I will be looking for some better hangers......

The first part of the video shows a client learning how to do this. she is obviously quite high functioning and is interested in finding some leisure time crafts she can do at home and in the day program. I attached the hook of the hanger to a pulley that was on the wall so that she stands and reaches while working on this.
The second part of the video shows a staff person learning how to do this. She is sitting and this is an option if its easier to control the hanger by squeezing it between the knees while manipulating the cord.  She seems excited to learn some new crafts as well !

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