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Friday, April 17, 2015

Bilateral Insertion Activity

I have been evaluating a woman who has arthritis and only grasps flat objects using her fingers. At the same time she has an obsession about keeping a smooth pebble fidget inside her fingers.
She is able to pull apart the Velcro pieces and with a little guidance insert  each half into a lid slot.

The person in the video enjoys repetitive insertion tasks but tends to avoid using his hands together. So pulling the Velcro pieces apart works nicely in promoting bilateral hand use.

 I made the slot narrow enough so that it is difficult to insert the green and red plastic pieces while they are connected.  Some individuals enjoy the sensory input of ripping apart Velcro . I also like how I was able to add a bit of challenge to an insertion task- requiring 2 steps- ripping apart before inserting.

I cut the green and red plastic from detergent and juice bottles.


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