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Friday, August 1, 2014

Activities For Person who has Tremors

My company was given some fantastic large book stands.

 I made the button board from an old tent was husband was about to throw away. I cut the blue tarp from the tent, folded it and taped on the edges so that it slips over the book stand. I placed small pieces of Velcro near the bottom to keep it all in place.

I cut the "buttons" from container lids and detergent bottles and then punched the holes and sewed them onto the blue tarp. The last step is to cut some fabric pieces with slits to button or unbutton on the board.

I am working with a man who has tremors and better motor control when pushing or pulling against a stable surface.  He seemed to enjoy removing the fabric pieces and pushing them into a container. He was also able to press down on the hole puncher as shown in the video. Of course, I am also exploring use of a weighted spoon, wrist weights and other materials that are resistive, but wanted to share these...

 It took me about 1 1/2 hours to sew the circles onto the blue tarp but it saved me about 1,000 calories of snacking.

Source: Fun Activities that Develop Buttoning Skills by RecyclingOT

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