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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Small writing Easel

I have been thinking about a variety of ways to create vertical writing surfaces. This adaptation works well with small children perhaps preschool or kindergarten age. I simply cut the openings in the side of a very large detergent bottle and wedged the notebook inside. I love how the pages have the lines positioned vertically so that children can fit shapes or letters between the lines. I also made stencils out of manila folders, punched holes and attached inside the binder. Then the child can color inside the stencil and the shape will appear on the sheet below it. The child will have to use the non-dominant hand to stabilize the notebook and paper and that's a great way to work on those stabilization skills. At the same time, the very young child who is not yet able to color inside outlines can create drawings using the stencils that are all held in place inside the binder.

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