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Monday, July 7, 2014

Vibrating Ring Stack to Teach Stabilization

Staff often don't like this activity because the clients have difficulty keeping it upright. But I designed this ring stack to fall over unless the user is stabilizing it, preferably by grasping the handle.

I wedged the tube inside the bottle, taped in place. The electric toothbrush from the dollar store seems to be working OK. I usually use the children's toothbrushes from department or drug stores and they cost more- around 4-5 dollars. I just pushed the toothbrush end into the tube so that the entire activity vibrates. The vibration serves 2 purposes:
1) it makes everything more fun, motivating the clients to engage, visually attend and persist and
2) the bottle is extra wiggly and unstable so that the user is more aware that she needs to stabilize it in order to get the rings on.

I cut the rings out of container lids. Some have large holes to make it easy and some have smaller holes to add challenge.
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