Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Activities to develop Fine-Motor Skills

If you have some red detergent or dish washer bottles around- give them a rinse in a hot tub, scrape off the labels and give these activities a try...

Cut extra large holes into a heart shape for an easy to use lacing board. This is perfect for young children who do not have the motor control to use small lacing boards with many tiny holes. I tied the strip of fabric to one hole and wrapped duct tape to make the lacing end easier to grasp.

My stencil is designed for someone who has spasticity or decreased control in one hand , but adequate control to color with the other hand. Cut any shape to match the theme and you have an easy to use stencil.

Finally, I share the small hearts that have 2 notches so that they can be woven onto a long plastic strand. You have the option of one notch or two depending on the skill level of the user .  I cut the long flat plastic cord from a large white bottle.

This weaving activity is a bit time consuming to make, so you may want to consider purchasing my "Weavable Toys". They are not heart shaped, but they have perfectly spaced notches for weaving and designing as children develop finger dexterity.

 If you already bought a "Weavable toys" - consider cutting a few heart shapes to add to the set. Hopefully, in the future, I will have a greater variety of shapes manufactured-including hearts. 

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