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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cardboard Box Bowling Alley with Motorized Cylinder to Push

In my last blog post I shared the table-top bowling alley I made using a small wedge and cardboard box. It was so popular that staff wanted their own for their programs. I knew that I wanted to try making one out of only a large cardboard box , but I didn't expect it to be so easy and fast to make... I cut along the edges so that one side of the box can be pushed into the box at an angle as shown in the picture. You can now make the bowling alley any size or angle you choose as you look for boxes.  I secured in place with some contact paper, but it really doesn't look great yet. Individuals at work will be decorating this one.  Also shown is an electric toothbrush inside a tennis ball container. I put a little bit of foam at the end where the toothbrush is vibrating to soften the sound. But the container has a nice gentle vibration that makes pushing it down the bowling alley fun. You can fill these up with ping balls to shake and then roll down the "alley"...

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