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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fun Activities to Promote Using the Weaker Hand

My client is able to stabilize with his left hand but avoids doing so. He has a nice comfortable arm rest that he also avoids as he positions his arm close to his body  wedged below it. Today I was successful in introducing 3 activities that he enjoyed and did quite well stabilizing with left side.
 I made this vibrating ring stack by wedging the swim noodle inside a hole in a box. I pushed a small motor from a cheap electric tooth brush I found on Ebay inside so that it vibrates. The rings are cut from coffee can lids.
Unfortunately, I held the camera at a funny angle, and the blog does not accept a rotated picture.
This 2nd vibrating ring stack is made by using a small, very clean, brand new plunger with a round massager attached below it. It vibrates when the person pushes the rings (swimming noodle sections)  onto it. Again he enjoyed the vibration. He has very good range and motor control in his right hand and I positioned his left hand to grasp the plunger near the bottom. 
 Finally, realizing that this gentleman enjoys vibration, I set him up with a cushion that vibrates when pushed. I positioned his arm on top of it so that he could enjoy the benefits of having his arm raised (to reduce edema) while using his hands together. He has also been doing great at self-range-of motion. but these activities provide another opportunity to raise the involved upper extremity and train him to use it to stabilize materials. .

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