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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Manipulation Snow Man

I've been thinking for a while how a large white orange juice container can be cut up to make a snowman.

I cut into one side to create the 3 snow balls.

Then I cut a circle from a different color bottle.

Punch a few wholes into the circle and background so that the holes align. I took my leather shears and made the holes extra big so that they would be easy to lace. I drew a face on the blue circle.
I attached the cord to one of the holes so that it won't get lost and will be easy to begin lacing.

I realized that the cord was too long and cut it shorter, attached tape to the end to make lacing easy and it is now long enough to lace through the 4 holes.
I cut two more circles to make buttons. I punched holes in the green buttons shown here and the snowman so that I could lace them into place. then I cut a slit in the red fabric. It is soft and stretch and easy to pull on or off the "button".

For some reason the photo won't rotate correctly but you can see the completed snow man with a scarf tied around his neck and a screw cap hat.

So now- to make the snowman children need to button, screw a cap, tie a knot on the scarf and lace the face.

It is easier to open and remove the clothing than attach. This activity can be used with children between 2-5 years of age, but adapted according to their abilities. Some children may assist with lacing the last hole, completing the button, pulling the ends of the cord to tie the knot on the scarf or giving a twist to the hat. Over time they will do more and more of the steps independently.

Some children will find it easier to undress the snowman.

I attached a container inside to hold the clothing articles and opening and closing the lid provides another great opportunity to manipulate.

Source: Plastic Manipulation Snowman by RecyclingOT

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