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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holiday/Seasonal Paper Puzzles

Paper puzzles are a bit time consuming to make but once its made you can photocopy and use for many years and therapy sessions. Pick your own theme. I copied an internet photo in honor of the upcoming martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
I trimmed away the excess white border,

placed it on a sheet of paper and traced the border with marker.

Next, make measurements with a ruler to draw lines. In this case I drew 1 vertical line and 3 horizontal lines to make a puzzle with 8 pieces. Make a puzzle with more pieces if the student is able to perform a more complex task or less pieces if the student needs a less challenging task. Number the squares or rectangles on the grid.  

On the back of the picture draw a matching grid.

Write numbers on back of the picture and cut on lines.
Students place matching shapes on grid and glue or tape in place.
This activity works on many skills such as:
  • cutting on lines
  • forming numbers
  • matchiing numbers
  • using ruler to make a straight line
  • sequencing and organization
Students can be involved in making the project from scratch, do part of the preparation or be given the grid and pieces to complete the puzzle.
Don't forget to make lots of copies of the grid and photo before cutting up the first picture!

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