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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fine-Motor Visual Stimulation Activity

This is a fun Visual activity that also develops eye-hand coordination. The rings are positioned at the top of a spiral shape and then rapidly spiral downward.

These are easy to make but you have to buy the helicopter toys to get the plastic piece that the rings spiral down. Wedge the spiral piece inside the top of a bottle. You may need to cut a small hole inside the bottle cap and then wedge it inside and secure with tape.

Cut lots of pretty, colorful plastic shapes from containers or lids and then cut a small notch in the center.  I designed this so that the individuals need to stabilize the bottle with one hand. However, when I found that the client shown in the photo  needed to use both hands to position and release the shapes, I  decided to stabilize the bottle inside a coffee container.

Some individuals who seek visual stimulation really like this- it meets their sensory needs....

Source: Visual Stimulation Ring Stack for Individuals with Autism by RecyclingOT

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