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Friday, November 20, 2015

Containers with Large Screw Covers

There are a lot of square shaped containers that hold thick- it available at work. I cut off the tops to connect as shown in the photos. These make nice little containers to store small activity materials. The individuals can practice unscrewing the large covers on one or both sides and then are left with a ring shape that can be used on a ring stack.
They can sequence screwing one cover on, placing something inside and then screwing the other cover or just stack them inside a square shaped box. I'm sure I will come up with more uses alter on....

These are easy to make by cutting around the top of the containers and inserting one inside the other. Secure in place with some pretty duct tape.

The remaining 4 sided plastic pieces (after cutting away the tops) can be folded into 4ths and inserted into a large container slot. The large plastic pieces can be used for lots of  other creations.....


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