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Friday, May 9, 2014

Sensory Toy without Batteries!

I had a wonderful time presenting at the Massachusetts Early Intervention Conference yesterday. I was exploring the vendor booths and mentioned that  I adapt many of my sensory activities with motors from pens and tooth brushes so that the materials vibrate, thus increasing sensory input and engagement. The company  showed me a toy that vibrates but has no batteries. It is actually a baby toy and designed to suspend from car seats with a clip or to be manipulated. I just love how it looks and feels and the fact that it does not require batteries. There is some type of spring action after pulled. This is a great way to develop coordination to stabilize with one hand while manipulating with the other.  I work with  an older individual I am going to give this to at work. She likes to reach with one hand and pull on stuffed animals that are suspended.  It seems made to order.....

This toy comes with cute little cards that parents can use to stimulate baby.....

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