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Friday, May 16, 2014

Pulling Resistive Shapes Apart.....

Connecting the 2 shapes together works on hand strengthening, sequencing and motor planning skills. But taking them apart is also great for individuals who need simple resistive activities that they find calming. A woman I work with loves to rip paper. Pulling the shapes apart and pushing into the container seemed to meet her sensory needs and were just easy enough for her to motor plan.

Finding other individuals with the motor skills to put them together is a bit more challenging and I have to make sure that the size openings match so that the shapes are interchangeable even though I am asking them to match colors. I don't want them to find this frustrating... this type of motor planning success seems to build self-esteem to try other challenging tasks such as tying knots and connecting zippers....
Source: Simple Weaving Shapes for Children with Autism by RecyclingOT

Source: Pull-Apart-Plastics Develop Fine-Motor Skills by RecyclingOT

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