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Friday, May 3, 2013

Interceptive Perception

I don't usually share personal stories about my family but this one cracks me up.

"Interoception" refers to awareness of what is going on inside the body- like recognizing pain. Kids with sensory processing disorders may have discrimination deficits in many areas including recognizing what is going on inside their body. These are the kids who go to the nurse but don't understand what is wrong and they may be late in toilet training because they are challenged to recognize those sensations.

Anyway.... my young adult son spends a lot of time changing the thermostat and putting clothes on or off because he can't decide if he is hot or cold. Actually, it seems like one minute he is hot and walks around shirtless and the next minute he is wearing 2 sweaters.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring house is surrounded by shade trees and it was warmer outside than inside my house. I noticed early in the morning that my son had turned up the thermostat, but when I went outside it felt like 80 degrees. So I turned the heat off and opened all the windows. Hurray, I love to air out the house and miraculously I convinced my son to open his windows and enjoy the warmth.

Ten minutes later he was installing his air conditioner!!!
I am not a fan of AC since I live up north and as I said, our house is shaded. I have to choose my battles and my son spent yesterday studying for a final in his AC room.......

I'm sure he'll get an A+

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