Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weaving Valentines

I knew that my little clients would love this ....they were so tuned into valentines and hearts.  I cut the large white circular piece (from a large container that held protein powder) to function like a belt. In fact the two ends buckle together and it can be placed on the head, around the waist, on arms or used on the ring stack pole. Cut up different sized containers to get different sized "belts" to weave onto. There seems to be a thin line between stringing and weaving but i will call this "weaving" because I was teaching them to insert the end through the 2 notches  in the hearts and then push them down.  This is easy to simplify by asking them to only insert through 1 notch or complete the 2nd notch after the first one is already inserted for them. Removing them also took some nice motor planning and hand strength.
My "Weavable Toys" are patent patent and I hope that these will be commercially available soon......
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