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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weavable Coloring Valentine and Weaving board

These valentines manipulation activities are made out of detergent and dishwasher bottles ... keep a lookout for red plastic...

The red valentine functions as a stencil to color around with dry erase markers. The markers I found at a craft's store have erasers on the ends. You can make designs with the erasers as shown or completely erase the colors.  You will need to wash them with water to complete remove any color and reuse for another coloring activity.

I had difficulty finding resources for really nice long strips to weave into the rectangular shape. But you get the idea from the picture. Children can weave thinner strips through the notches and then weave the thicker pieces just as they would on a paper weaving board. The finished product is vibrant and waterproof. It may also be further decorated with dry erase markers.

Source: Make-your-own Valentine Hearts and Arrows by RecyclingOT on Rumble

1 comment:

Katherine Collmer said...

Barbara, I have always loved weaving and can't believe that I've been remiss in making smarter use of it in my therapy sessions! Thanks for the great ideas:) Katherine Collmer