Sunday, October 24, 2010

Basketball Net

I was originally planning on making another bag to carry groceries but the opening seemed too large. Then I discovered that it would make an excellent basketball net and the rim that I cut from the dollar store wash basin fit perfectly to create a  rim in the new basket. I punched holes into the plastic rim and sticched it in place with yarn. I just need to figure out how to position this to use during hippotherapy. I will either attach it to the horse so that children can thow objects into it at close range or attach it to a post. At this time there is no basketball stand at my new facility at Stone Ridge Farm in Haverhill, Mass, so this will be very useful.   

By the way, I knit this out of supermarket grocery bags. Its a great free craft that makes useful products and keeps me from munching on junk food while watching movies.   

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