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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Vibrating Velcro Board for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

This Flannel board Velcro activity is fun and helps engage the most distractible clients. I wedged the top of a large piece of white fabric into the space between the wall and board. The shapes with Hook Velcro on the back came from various games that were no longer being used and they attached to the fabric. I also happened to have a vibrating cushion with Loop Velcro pieces attached and an outlet below. Now my clients can
1) attach or remove shapes or pictures attached with Velcro
2) press a hand to feel the vibration
3)work on using hands together by holding the container
I love how clients are more easily engaged when working with materials at eye level. The individual in the video loves to move and this adaptation enables him to visually attend, develop bilateral hand skills -while standing and moving. When finished, staff folded up the fabric for easy storage.


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