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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Light Activities for Individuals with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

The following is excerpted from my book From Flapping to Function: A Parent's Guide to Autism and Hand Skills 

If your child loves lights, take advantage of the following activities to encourage visual attention.
Caution: If your child has a seizure disorder check with your physician first.

Light Table or Box

You can buy or make a light table to encourage manipulating objects on a surface. To make your own, place a battery-powered light inside a clear plastic container with a lid. Cut small openings of different shapes in the lid in order to use the light box as a shape sorter. Children may be more visually engaged when looking at toys-such as pegs and pegboard-placed on top of a light table or box. In addition, they may be motivated to touch or manipulate them. The video demonstrates clients performing simple fine-motor activities placed on top of the light box. This particular box was purchased from a company that makes products for the visually impaired. 

Here are a few other ideas: 
1) Collect plastic 20-ounce or two-liter soda bottles. Place an activated glow stick inside each one. Then use a ball to bowl over the bottles. 
2) Scatter glow sticks inside a play tunnel for your child to gather. These toys remain lit for several hours after being unwrapped. You can buy a tunnel or make your own by draping blankets over chairs or tables. 
3) Play catch with balls that light up, have flashing lights or make funny sounds when squeezed. 

Light-Up Toys

Toddlers and older children who love lights may be motivated to manipulate the following types of commercially available toys:
  • ring stacks that flash lights and play music when rings are stacked on them (such as the light up Lion Stacker by Fisher Price).
  • toys that light up when a button is pushed  (such as the Light Up Princess Wand by Playmaker Toys)
  • Lite Brite pegboard (sold by Hasbro) is a lighted board or box with small pegs to push into its frame. This is appropriate for older children who no longer put objects in their mouths. 
The following video demonstrates a ring stack made out of an aquarium lamp.

Source: Sensory Lamp Ring Stack for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders by RecyclingOT

The photograph demonstrates a light up Princess Wand being used as a ring stack.

I share products that may be used to promote visual attention with  Amazon links. I make a tiny amount of money if you shop through these links.... Thanks!


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