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Friday, January 11, 2019

Hoola Hoop Ring Stack Activity to Develop Hand Skills

  I have a reputation for recycling and upcycling items so was not surprised to find a broken hoola hoop on my desk. After looking at it for a few days, the idea came to use the broken ends as ring stacks. Children or adults with or without developmental disabilities may benefit from this adaptation because
  1. they need stabilize the hoop with one hand in order to place the ring on top
  2. reaching for rings spread out in a large container or the table will involve crossing midline and awareness of one's hand preference 
  3. the hoop may be positioned on the floor as shown in the video, on the person's lap or on a table so that the user must reach to eye level or higher. Reaching promotes an upright posture, shoulder strength and visual attention
  4. only your imagination limits the types of rings to use since they can vary in size, texture, weight, sound produced and even temperature  (i.e. cold teething rings). Consider attaching a motorized toothbrush to the hoop to make the hoop vibrate!  

Children or adults with decreased coordination may be most successful using large rings such as the ones in the photo. These were cut from the pouring spouts of bottles. 

Clients with good motor control may enjoy using smaller rings so that some force is used to make the ring go on and down. Use of force stimulates the muscles and joints (proprioceptive stimulation) and this, in turn helps with body awareness and coordination. 

If you place the hoop under the seat as shown in the video, consider attaching a flat or weighted object to the center to help stabilize the hoop in place. 
The photo below shows a close up of a container used. I cut holes on each side near the bottom so that the hoop could be threaded through.  

Place a bag of beads, sand or some dried beans inside the container to add weight. Tape or tie the materials in place. 

Add cognitive challenge by teaching how to sort rings by color,  size weight or tactile qualities onto the 2 curvy ring stack tops.  

Source: Recycling OT Hoola Hoop Ring Stack by RecyclingOT

The fitness hoop is made up of sections that come apart. This creates size/shape/color options when you choose which ones to use for your "hoola hoop ring stack".

Products such as hoses, medical, aquarium or other types of tubing may be sliced up to make rings. Or cut ring shapes out of plastic containers.  


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