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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Insertions Ring Stack for Children or Adults with Disabilities

The "Insertions Ring Stack" is very versatile and develops many skills. Children or adults with developmental disabilities may find repetitive tasks soothing.

This activity involves either  pushing rings down the tubing or inserting small objects inside. Your child or client will need to think about which of these steps to perform. They will learn to develop flexibility as they switch back and forth...
This activity promotes:

·        eye-hand coordination

·        using hands together

·        visual and auditory stimulation

·        proprioceptive stimulation by pushing the objects down

·        following directions

·        sequencing skills

·        problem solving

I cut the rings and small objects out of plastic bottles, but you can use other types of rings or small objects in the same way. Be sure to supervise closely or avoid if your child or client puts small objects in his or her mouth.

This activity can be adapted by

·        using larger rings to make success easier

·        smaller rings that require force to push and thus, provide greater sensory feedback.

·        try placing a motorized toothbrush inside the container and see how your child or client reacts!

The client in this photo benefits from reaching since she typically sits with rounded shoulders. She avoids using her hands together but is about to realize that she cannot do this task with only one hand!

She is on the autism spectrum and loves to be busy, yet this task requires a bit of problem-solving. It meets her cognitive and sensory needs. 

Learn more about activity adaptations at

Source: Eye-Hand Coordination Insertions Ring Stack for Individuals with Autism by RecyclingOT

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