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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Creating a Partner Activity

Someone had put a broken toddler  toy on my desk at work. The child is supposed to put a ball in the top, it rolls down a short distance and activates music as it lands. I assumed it was broken and came up with the following way to turn a one person task into a partner activity.

Several of my clients enjoy using force to push golf balls into the small container opening. I spread the pile of golf balls on a tray on top of a towel to cut down on noise. The young man on the left in the video is blind and loves deep pressure and resistive materials. He quickly learned how to place the golf balls into the top of the toy so that it rolls down, making a bit of clatter.

The other individual enjoyed watching this process as he took the delivered ball and pushed it into the container opening. When finished they reversed roles so that the blind client on the left had a turn retrieving the balls and pushing them into the container. It was a lot of fun watching them work together but, I do wish the music worked!!!

I can't find this exact toy on amazon but these look similar....

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