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Friday, May 13, 2016

Stabilizing with the Non-functional Hand

My client does not use his left hand, it is relatively weak, often fisted and he requires assistance to use it to grasp. However, this adaptation enabled him to use it to the best of his ability to stabilize the ring stack. I wedged the tube into the bottom of the container so that he can grasp it from the horizontal orientation.

 I used the Easyhold strap to hold his hand in place. (the company gave me a few to try out). He was able to place rings on top of the dowel after I found just the right height for him to  be able to reach. reach. His left hand actually did help to stabilize the container after setting him up...

Some days he can stack rings with only verbal cues after it is placed in his hand. On other days he requires physical or hand-over-hand assistance.

Source: Adapted Ring Stack for Individual with Hemiplegia by RecyclingOT

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