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Friday, August 7, 2015

Bilateral Range-of Motion with Fun Bead Insertion Task

I had this blue tubing given to me by a mom who has a daughter that uses it for suction. However, I think it can be purchased where sold for a variety of uses. I secured the bottom end with duct tape to a bottle. Then I cut a hole in a screw cap lid and pushed the top end of the blue tubing through it. Then later when the beads are removed the bottle is screwed onto the cover and they flow safely into the original bottle that is attached with duct tape. You can see the clear bottle waiting on the table to be used.  the beads can easily be poured into any container to be used by the client to insert inside the tubing.
This activity worked on many skills. First of all using hands together and reaching high, above the head. So many of the individuals I work with need to improve reaching and upright posture. This young many uses some nice problem solving to stretch the tubing making the beads go down when they get a bit jammed. This pulling also provides sensory input to muscles and joints. They had a good time and rest assured although I blurred the faces for privacy they are all smiling, Including some individuals who typically do not want to be engaged at all....   

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