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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Three Resistive Table Top Activities

I am always on the look out for new activities that are resistive, promote engagement and motor skills. Someone gave me the large wooden circle board that had the stretchy cord already attached. I simply added the shapes (cut out of detergent bottles) and taped a peg in the center  so that the clients could pull and place the flower shapes.
I had been using the pink vibrating cushion  mainly for sensory input and relaxation but realized that I can turn it into a pull and insertion task by attaching shapes with Velcro onto it. Many people are motivated to engage in fine motor tasks when they vibrate. Some individuals can insert the plastic pieces they remove into a slot in a container so that they have to use both hands.

 I found the cube with square pegs inside at a yard sale. I don't really understand how it is used, but it is a nice motor planning challenge to push them out and insert into a container with a square hole.

I hope that you enjoy these resistive push and pull activities .... 

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