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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stabilizing to remove Rings

When I first starting to work with this young lady about a year ago she avoided using her left hand to stabilize materials and kept it on her lap while using her right hand to do puzzles and other activities she could perform using one hand.
 She learned how to stabilize a Velcro bottle on her lap and then on the table, gradually tolerating working on using the table surface.  Now she automatically stabilizes materials with her left hand, often while working with materials on the table. She has developed the motor control to stabilize the handle shown in this video without using the table or lap surface for support. This is very good progress. She prefers to remove objects rather than attach which is fine with me. (The cord is simple a long strip of fabric attached to holes in the handle. I added duct tape for the strining end). 

Sometimes she tries to remove rings in the middle of the cord rather than from the end, so I am hoping to teach her the cognitive concept of pulling the donut shape closest to the removal end first.  Also because one end has a handle on it to grasp, it is more obvious which end to grasp. If she were given a cord with just a knot on one end, she would try to remove the rings from that end. 

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