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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weaving Loom made out of Book Stand

I feel like a super occupational therapist when i do weaving activities!!!

 I made this loom by attaching the fabric pieces to a very large book stand. The book stand can have the angle adjusted but it is positioned vertically even though it doesn't look that way in the video. If you don't have such a fancy books tand try cuttinb a heavy duty box and folding to create a triangular frame.

 I happened to have a lot of sticky back felt that was provided by a recycling center program. It is green and I used it to hold the red fabric strands in place. I also got the red felt (not sticky back) from the same recycling center. I sewed each red strand to a horizontal strip of fabric and taped securely in place across the top of the stand. You can't see it because it is covered by the green  felt. The blue plastic is cut from the bottom of an old tent. 

I wasn't sure whether to work on weaving from top to bottom or left to right  but working top to bottom seemed easiest to make and use.

 My goals were to improve visual attention, manipulation skills, learn  over and under concepts to weave and most importantly to sit up erect and reach upward for strengthening and to improve posture.

This is a great way to teach weaving concepts since the fabric won't rip easily like the paper place mats do. Once your clients learn weaving concepts, they can engage in a variety of crafts that require this skill. 

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