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Monday, March 17, 2014

Vibrating Stringing Activity

I have been thinking about how to make a stringing activity that vibrates for a long time because the sound and vibrating sensation can be very motivating. It makes an ordinary activity exciting!

I cut that long white cord from a shampoo bottle, cutting it in a spiral direction, round and round. I attached a children's electric toothbrush to the top of the plastic cord by cutting a hole in the cord and jamming the head of the toothbrush into it. Then I covered it with duct tape. I cut the donut shapes to string out of detergent bottles and made them very small so that the person would have to push and manipulate with effort to get it over the motor. I had a particular person in mind who needs resistive activities with push and pull. The man in the photo is actually a different person who has hemiplegia, I would have preferred if the shapes fit on easily, but he was quite persistent and didn't mind putting effort into it.
Notice that I attached a little Velcro to the bottom, creating a loop so that the shapes dond't fall off while the person is stringing. When finished its easy to open the velcro to remove the donut shapes...

People often joke about me when I adapt activities to vibrate, but in the end-- these sensory activities work great and are well worth it!!!  

Source: How Vibration Helps Children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders by RecyclingOT

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