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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Weighted Bottle Activities

I was very impressed to see the how the staff at my new adult day services program integrates movement and proprioceptive input into the day using plastic containers filled with sand.

Unfortunately , you will need to turn your head if on a computer or turn your tablet or phone to see the photo correctly. But as you can hopefully see, they used a lot of plastic coffee containers and some detergent bottles (not show in the photo).

The containers are lined up on the floor against the wall and the individuals pick them up to place onto the cart. Sometimes they walk across the room to do this. I have also put bands around the containers that they need to stretch to remove. These activities not only give sensory feedback, helps with sensory modulation and decreasing problematic behaviors, they also strengthen and increase physical endurance overall. 


Darcy Webb said...

You should really considering getting into industrial asset recycling. It would suit you well.

School System Occupational Therapist in Virginia said...

Just perfect for my middle and high school classes for students with autism! Thx! K.

Erica said...

So, do the kids carry them across the hallway? I'm not sure I get what they are supped to be doing?