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Monday, October 7, 2013

Card Holder

I evaluated a woman today who has hemiplegia and no use of her left hand. She said that she wanted to be able to play cards without everyone seeing them.

I told her that I would try to adapt something out of an egg carton, but realize that I do not have an empty one.

Instead, I cut  3 sides of a small cardboard box and taped to create the triangular shape. I cut another piece of cardboard that had a folded side attached to it. then I taped it all in place so that the cards rest on the rim created by the side of a box. 

I love how boxes are so readily available and I can choose the size that enables me to create the type of angles I want. This one ended up being pretty stable. I think that she will like it !

1 comment:

Aliza said...

What about the stand used in rummy? Maybe that could also be modified