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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Untying cord to Remove Rings

 My focus today was to teach my older clients to untie loose knots to remove small rings. First I made some rings the size I wanted by cutting up as shampoo bottle.

 My 4 year old had very good attention and effort today. She listened and persisted when I told her to move around  the blue and red cords (actually strips of fleece that feel great) rather than just tugging to untie the knots . I'm sure that there are many different ways to practice this skill, but this was one that didn't lend itself to hand-over-hand teaching. I just made sure that the knots were loose enough so that they could succeed pretty quickly before being discouraged.

The children loved the reward of stacking the rings on top of the cat toy mouse. It makes a nice mouse sound and the kids need to stabilize the spring while placing the ring.

 Placing the rings was at just the right level for the 2 year old in the video- teaching her to use her hands together .

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