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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring into Egg-ster Activities

Spring is a great time of year for egg-themed crafts regardless of your religion or location on this planet. Children love eggs and birth.......
Some of the common crafts include lacing, painting and forming eggs with clay. Here are a few plastic activities made out of  detergent bottles that I bet you never heard of before !!!
White plastic is available from the milk and orange juice bottles as well as cat litter and detergent or dishwasher soap bottles.  

I have been using the Velcro bottle for over 20 years. I love it to promote bilateral hand use,strengthening fingers and developing the eye hand coordination to insert the objects inside. I have found that older children with developmental delays particularly attend to and enjoy removing objects attached with Velcro.
Cut notches in the white egg shape for children to weave colorful strips through. Adding extra shapes, like the pink ones shown here add complexity and creative options.

 I always start out asking younger children to remove strips or shapes since its usually easier to motor plan opening and removing than attaching and closing.

You can see that the almost 3 year old in the video is very interested in removing the shapes from the long circular white strip cut out of a large yogurt container. At this stage  she needs a little bit of help taking the egg shapes off the  band.
I have been thinking about how to make a simple plastic motor planning activity that can be used to teach how shapes and letters are formed.At first I used such small shapes to move through the empty space that children were able to push the openings and remove them. But the yellow "egg" below has such a large blue shape attached on the other side that all is sturdy and seems to work well when pushing through the mazelike opening. The video I made demonstrates this and came out fairly well even though I was holding the camera between my knees while filming !!!  


Jillian Johnson said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing! Every Easter my family and I take off the outdoor grill cover and have a BBQ and Easter egg hunt. The kids love it and it makes for great family time

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