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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Seasonal Weaving Crafts

This menorah is made from an orange juice bottle. I love how the bottom of the bottle enables it to stand up on its own.

Children may color designs with dry erase markers. Wiping them clean strengthens fingers and enables the child to create a new design.

I think that the ideal toys enable children to be creative and used in a variety of ways. The candles may be inserted in different orders. You can cut a large variety of colors and lengths so that children have artistic options.

Happy chanukah!

No time to cut plastic bottles? Check out the Weavable Toys: Basic Shapes now sold on Amazon with free shipping and gift wrap option. 

This woven place mat made out of strips cut from bottles is easy to clean and perfect for a splash of Thanksgiving color.

A homemade Weavable gift.....

The bow is made out of a hard to find pink coffee can lid.

Check out my digital book for more ideas of what to make out of your plastic bottles....The almost Complete Plastic Bottle Activity Book is sold on the Amazon Kindle site.


A few more activities designed last year.......

The Almost Complete Plastic Bottle Activity Book is mostly pictures of activities that I have designed and used with children with and without learning challenges.  I describe how simple adaptations help children more easily manipulate objects. Also learn how to take familiar simple activities and make them more challenging!

 The title reflects the fact that I am designing new activities every day and this book will never be complete..........

I am thrilled to be able to offer this digital book to friends around the world for only $8.50!

Here are a couple of examples of the creative activities parents, teachers, therapists and others will enjoy making and using with the children in their lives............

Both the Christmas tree and Hanukkah menorah involve weaving plastic strips (cut from detergent bottles) in and out of notches. This is a great way to strengthen fingers and develop dexterity.

There are many more  "weavable" activities in this book......- so many that I decided to patent the concept....... All of the prototypes  shared in this book can be made from plastic bottles, but I am hoping that these materials will become commercially available and as popular as Legos.

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Artistic and creative, I got lots of ideas here. Thanks.

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