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Monday, March 5, 2012

Feel and Find the Shape

Children learn to identify and discriminate shapes by fitting them inside shape sorter openings and form boards, matching them to pictures and naming them in picture books. Its also important that children learn to identify shapes and objects by touch. This develops the perceptual skill called "stereognosis" or the ability to know by our tactile (touch) sense. Developing tactile awareness helps children to develop manipulation skills.

There are games on the market that involve searching by feel for a shape or object in a bag. Then the child can
  • name it
  • describe it
  • find the named shape or one that fits into a form board (such as the one shown below)
  • find the shape or object that matches a picture or an identical one shown to the child
Its easy to make your own shapes and form board by cutting them out of container lids. I usually use leather shears to cut plastic, but this plastic is pretty thin and regular scissors may also work.

I cut the letter C out of the lid to a yogurt container. Try putting the letters to the child's name in a bag and have her feel to find the needed letters in sequence to fill in the form boards-spelling the name.

 The following products work on similar skills

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