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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Detergent and Water Bottle Turkey stencil

 Here's what I made with my extra daylight savings hour this sunday while hubby is away hiking a mountain (with a group of guys who love beer and racy jokes). 
I am not sure if it looks like a turkey but when you make crafts for kids that is not as important as the fine motor skills involved and having fun.

I cut the turkey's body out of a detergent bottle. The head and flabby neck thing are cut from the top of a spring water bottle. It fit inside the handle opening nicely.

Press down on paper to use as a stencil. Kids can color inside the cut out shapes and around the border to make a basic turkey shape and then add details and colors. Some kids will prefer free form coloring but others might be encouraged by having a model to work from.

Children can also wrap yarn around the openings to decorate.

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