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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plastic Flowers in Real Gardens

After a recent visit to an art exhibit I was inspired to spend a couple of hours making a plastic sunflower out of detergent bottles and laced with strands made out of trash bags. I punched holes in the yellow and orange petals and laced them to attach to the green center of the flower. The tricky part (I am not sure I can explain this) is attaching the flower to the green piece (shown left) this is the top of a dishwasher soap bottle. I took a second bottle and inserted the spout through the spout of the small green piece and screwed the cap to hold in place. The piece shown in my hand had holes punched in it and I sewed the sunflower onto this by lacing through all the holes.   I think it is fun to integrate flowers crafted out of plastic with real ones in this way since children may be involved in lacing simple flower shapes and there are many creative options in the designing process.

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