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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feed the bunny

Here is one of my favorite activities and I guess its the season to share it. I made the bunny out of an oatmeal container and taped some fur to it. I cut the head out of a detergent bottle, punched two holes for the nose and attached the head to the lid with a pipe cleaner. I cut out lots of fruits and vegetables  printed from the internet and covered them with clear contact paper.

I use this during therapy to encourage kids to engage in language. I ask what do you want to feed the bunny- a carrot or celery? Placing the food into his mouth works on eye hand coordination. When I hold the bunny  in different locations the children have to reach and balance in order to do this. Sometimes I make the children hold the bunny while inserting so that they have to use both hands-a challenge for many.

During hippotherapy, I can also use the bunny to make the kids turn around on the horse in order to reach it. Then they end up facing sideways and backwards-getting different types of sensory input.

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