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Monday, September 6, 2010

Finding Toys

One aspect of being the RecyclingOT is being good at finding free toys or materials to use for work. I took a walk this morning and came across boxes of free toys on the street. Obviously, someone was cleaning house. I was wearing a day pack since I had just dropped some books off at the library and was able to load up on plastic animals and a few other items including a Pony memory game. They all survived a run in the washer. I am planning to place the larger animals on the hippotherapy trail and use smaller animals for insertion activities.


Jennifer said...

Hello Barb, I'm an occupational therapy student at Utica College. I just love your blog. I think your idea of recycling items to be used for therapy is an excellent idea. As part of my course work, I have to complete volunteer work at a community site. I just completed a 10 week hippotherapy/therapeutic horseback riding program for children with a disability. However, the facility I went to doesn't use a lot of play toys during therapy although a physical therapist is the one doing the therapy. I definitely feel an OT has a significant role in hippotherapy and I'm glad to see you are finding toys and materials for therapy that is no cost to you. Hurray to you!


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