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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stretchy Rings

This activity is so inexpensive, easy to make and therapeutic, I can't believe I lived all these years without it! I cut off the legs on an old pair of stockings, filled each one with a bunch of scrunched up super market bags and then stitched the end closed. It stretches, feels good inside the hands when squeezed and promote bilateral hand use during a placement activity because it is so nice and flimsy.
Toady I also used it to work on motor planning while the children sat on the horse. I pulled it over their heads so it rested on their hips. But first I had myself, the volunteers and even a parent do the same thing. Then we each took a turn taking it off and placing it over the cone (shown at left). (Note everything is rather dirty because this is a horse arena).
I know that there will be lots of other uses for the stretchy rings and I wish I could patent it- but just go ahead an enjoy :)

Barbara Smith, M.S., OTR/L, author of, The Recycling Occupational Therapist

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