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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sensory Pill Bottle

 I discovered that pill bottles fit nicely into the openings of desk file organizers. In fact, they fit perfectly, requiring some force to push them all the way in or pull out. Using force means that this activity is "resistive" and many individuals with developmental disabilities respond well to the sensory stimulation to muscles and joints when there is resistance.

This activity develops coordination,  hand strength and motor planning skills. Notice how one client in the video is using trial and error to figure out how to get the bottles out.

Another client brought the materials close to his face because he is visually impaired and he liked shaking and tapping the bottles  in order to hear the contents.

I put various auditory objects inside such as marbles, pennies, beads, dried lentils etc. Then closed them well (they are after all medication bottles) and secured again with duct tape. This was a great activity for the clients who rush through tasks ... they need to focus and persist in order to complete this task.

Source: Pill Bottle Sensory Activity by RecyclingOT on Rumble

The organizers I used look somewhat like this but check to see if your pill bottles can be inserted......

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Make- It- Yourself Zoomball

"Zoom Ball" also known as "Forward Pass" is a commercially available toy that involves 2 players.  Each player grasps a handle in each hand alternating opening arms apart and bringing them together. When player A moves arms apart the "ball" shoots across to player B who has hands together. Then player B moves arms apart so that the "ball" shoots across to player A (who has hands together). The players repeat as long as strength holds up and they are having fun...   This is what the commercial toys look like.....

I prefer to make my own because:
1) I can use any length cord I choose; the shorter the cord the easier to play
2) I think that the handles are much more comfortable
3) It is recycling something plastic
4) and of course, it is FREE !!!!

Materials used are:
1) nylon cord
2) 4 detergent bottle handles
3) 2 soda bottles
4) duct tape

I demonstrate how to make a zoom ball the video. You may also like to simply use what I call a "batter". After connecting the 2 soda bottles,  one player may use it to push a ball across the room or bat at a suspended ball.  The soda bottle spouts function as handles.
The boy in the photo is actually on top of a scooter board that you can't see and he pushes the ball, scoots toward it and repeats. We did this during an occupational therapy session. Two players can turn this into a back and forth push the ball game......

The bottom photo shows a close up of the cord attached to a handle. 

A few of the many therapeutic benefits of Zoom Ball: It promotes

1) visual attention, tracking, convergence and divergence
2) bilateral coordination
3) strong shoulders, neck, arms and grasp
4) sensory stimulation as played in a variety of positions
5) motor planning, rhythm
6) social skills, working with a partner, turn taking
7) endurance and persistence as player recites the alphabet  or counts to 100.
8)  exercise......

1)Play while kneeling
2) use feet instead of hands
3) face away from each other.....

Source: Make Zoom Ball for Individuals with Autism by RecyclingOT on Rumble