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Thursday, August 16, 2012

New toys- High-Tech offerings complement Low-tech tools in Pediatric Therapy


I'm sharing an article in the trade magazine- Today in OT
The author Susan Birk suggests that the newest tools and toys of electronic devoices and hands on activities may complement one another.

For example Zaner Bloser has a new handwriting application for the iPad that lets children see and hear the order and directions of motions uased while forming letters.  Here is the link to Handwriting ABC

The Pulse Smartpen lets students record what they write and hear in class and later download to an iPad.

Birk writes that she interviewed occupational therapists who have recommended the following hands on activities to develop visual perceptual and problem solving skills:

The goal is to motivate children while incorporating therapeutic products/activities. I thank the author for these and other therapy tips....